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The Streck Retic-Chex® II Control and the Streck Retic-Chex® Linearity are human red cell control materials used to verify Reticulocyte counting. They are suitable for both Automated and Manual Reticulocyte Methods.

Retic Chex® II

  • Automated Systems
    • Beckman Coulter® STKS™, MAXM™, HmX, LH500 
    • Abbott CELL-DYN 3500 and 3700

Stability and Levels
Retic Chex® II is available in 1.0 ml plastic squeeze dropper vials for use with manual methods.

  • Three levels available separately: Level 1, 2 or 3 .
  • Also available as Tri-level Kits 
  • OPEN-vial stability          14 days
  • CLOSED-vial stability      75 days 

Retic-Chex Stain is buffered and filtered New Methylene Blue which can be used with both control and patient samples. 

  • Available separately in 3.0ml or 15 ml sizes, in plastic squeeze dropper vials.
  • OPEN-vial stability          12 months
  • CLOSED-vial stability      12 months

Retic Chex® Linearity

  • CELL-DYN: for Abbott Cell-Dyn® Sapphire™, 3200, 3500 and 3700
  • Sysmex: for XE-2100™, XT-2000i™, XT-4000™, XE-5000™, XN-10 and XN-20
  • Beckman Coulter: for Beckman Coulter® UniCel® DxH™, LH780/785, LH750/755, LH500, and HmX.

Stability and Levels
Retic Chex® Linearity for CELL-DYN, Siemans and Sysmex are available in a 5 level set in 2.5 ml cap-piecable vials. While the Retic Chex® Linearity for Beckman Coulter  is available in a 5 level set in 3.0 ml cap-piercable vials.

  • OPEN-vial stability            5 days
  • CLOSED-vial stability      105 days 

Streck offer a free inter-laboratory quality control program to all qualifying customers. Data can be submitted by mail, fax or e-mail. Streck have added STATS-Link to the current STATS Program. STATS users now have the ability to view and download their STATS report online by visiting STATS-Link. Participants receive e-mail notification that their report is available for access on-line.  In addition to current reports, archived reports are also available. For enrolment details see the Technical Support QuickLink, Support area of this website or contact us at Diagnostic Solutions.

MORE Retic QC products from Streck
Quality Control material for Reticulocyte testing is also available from Streck combined with specific CBC / DIFF QC material. 

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